Rain puts a damper on tourists vacations

Amanda Turman and her family pack up after a rainy weekend

Some areas along the Grand Strand have received up to nine inches of rain since Friday, which means many tourists have spent their beach vacations inside.

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce says visitors will just change their itinerary.

They say most of the time, they won't cut their vacation short or cancel it altogether.

Amanda Turman and her family spent their vacation weekend getting soaked.

"There was so much rain, everything was wet. You couldn't even step out of your tent without there being a huge puddle," said Turman.

The Turman's came in from Virginia Friday to camp at Myrtle Beach State Park, something they do a couple of times of year, but just a day after they arrived, it started to pour.

"This is the worst weather we've had in five years," Turman added.

The wet weather made it difficult to keep their one-year-old son occupied.

"We wanted to you know sit by the campfire and roast marshmallows, I mean it's my son's first camping trip, and he either had to be stuck in the tent or we had to drive around somewhere to keep him entertained."

The family didn't cut their trip short, and according to Scott Shult with the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber, that's usually the case.

Shult said in bad weather, most people visiting will simply find something else to do.

"On the Grand Strand, that's going to definitely benefit our restaurants, our inside attractions and our retail sectors so expect a lot more foot traffic in the mall," he added.

Vacation rental properties haven't been affected by the rain and rental homes and condos are a 90% reservation for the week, according to CCU's Brittan Center for Resort Tourism.