Rain looms over Harley Rally for Thursday

Thursday's wet forecast could create problems for the Spring Harley Rally happening through May 18th along the Grand Strand.

WPDE NewsChannel 15's Chief Meteorologist Ed Piotrowski has called for a chance of storms in the morning. Heavier rainfall has been predicted for the afternoon and throughout the evening.

Drivers are encouraged to be alert and cautious on the roads, especially when there's inclement weather and thousands of motorcyclists.

According to Myrtle Beach Corporal Kevin Cast, the roads will be the most dangerous when raindrops first hit the pavement.

"The roads are actually the most slick at the very beginning of the rain, because that initial rain brings the oil on the roadway up, so it's a lot more slick for the motorcyclists and vehicles as well," Cast said.

Cast also says to increase your following distance, pay attention to your surroundings, and watch for motorcyclists using hand signals to turn.

Since May 1st, there have been 91 collisions in the City of Myrtle Beach.

Motorcycles have been involved in 11 of them.

"The majority of motorcycle accidents that we handle, it's not the bikers fault. It's automobiles and other individuals that also don't take in the weather conditions," said Brian Caron, who is a motorcycle lawyer with Steelhorse Law in Atlanta, Georgia.

Caron is among the vendors at this year's Harley Rally.

Many vendors are hoping the rain will hold off as long as possible, because they know it'll have an effect on their business.

"It would definitely change things if it rained tomorrow afternoon because then everyone is going to want to stay inside," said Blake Scantlin, a vendor.

Horry County has issued 97 vendor permits this year, compared to the 75 they issued in 2013.