Rain has washed out some crops

Farmers in the Pee Dee say recent rains have impacted some of their crops.

They shared their concerns with SC Department of Agriculture Commissioner Hugh Weathers during the annual Pee Dee Farm Field Day hosted by Clemson University's Pee Dee Research Center in Florence.

Weathers says many farmers across the state have been hurt by all the rain we've had this summer.

"The excess rainfall has a negative impact on crops as well. In terms of how you tend to the crop, how you do your field work and how you actually get into the field without getting all of your equipment stuck with farmers are doing. A lot of the farmers are telling me stories of wheat that they left in the field unable to harvest," said Weathers.

Weathers says his family's farm has also been affected.

"My brother and I left 20% of our wheat in the field. Neighbors left that. And now our soybeans which come after wheat we can't get to them to give them the fertilizer, buy the chemicals or peanuts as well."

The state is trying to determine the overall damage.

Weathers says it could turn out that 30% of the state's crops are damaged by the rain.

"So each county begins their analysis and then the state analyzes as a whole. And they have found that the potential damage will be sign


ficant and then the steps will go forward from there."

The overall findings will be presented to the US Department of Agriculture.

Federal officials will determine if the damage is bad enough that farmers qualify for small interest loans to recoup losses.