Rabid raccoon attacks dog in Robeson County

A Robeson County man shot and killed a raccoon after it attacked his dog on Dixie Trail in Lumber Bridge last week, according to the Robeson County Public Health Director Bill Smith.

The raccoon tested positive for rabies, Smith said.

The dog had not been vaccinated for rabies and is being quarantined by the county until its owner finds a veterinarian who will keep the animal in observation for six months.

If that doesn't happen, the dog will have to be euthanized, according to Smith.

This the 11th rabid animal found in Robeson County in the past eight months.

Smith says it's the most cases they've seen since the early 1990's.

North Carolina State law mandates that all dogs, cats and ferrets older than four months be vaccinated, but Smith says only 20% of animals in Robeson County are vaccinated.

He adds the county has had three special rabies clinics this year and they plan to host another one at the start of hunting season in September.

Pet owners can go to any veterinarian office in Robeson County to have their animals vaccinated for rabies.