Quidditch World Cup held in North Myrtle Beach this weekend

More than 80 teams from the US, Canada and even Australia are competing this weekend for the Quidditch World Championship at the new North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex. While most competitors are college students, the growing sport is playing a big role in keeping younger kids active.

The sport combines elements of rugby, tag, and lacrosse with rules similar to the one's in the Harry Potter series, with one big exception.

"We've made a few adaptations, obviously, our players don't fly. We tell everyone our engineers are working on that," explained Logan Anbinder, Marketing Director with the International Quidditch Association.

The game is a chance for those who might not be interested in traditional sports to get active, like Rylianna Hancheck, 8, of Carolina Forest.

"I'm not a very good kicker but in Quidditch you don't have to kick, you can like just throw it. Soccer, it's frustrating, but Quidditch it's fun because you can also read the Harry Potter series and it's in that and then finally you get to actually do it," she explained.

While teams compete for the world title, organizers set up a separate game for younger kids to play too, calling it "kidditch." It's all in an effort to promote a healthier, active lifestyle.

"It kind of promoted them being active because we're hoping that once they do this, and they're like this is all I wanna do," said Megan DeLancey, Kidditch Coordinator. "This gives them a chance to kind of jump into the world of Harry Potter and kind of live their favorite book."

There are about 15,000 registered Quidditch players worldwide.

You can catch more action all day Sunday right back at the North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex right at Robert Edge Parkway and Highway 90.