Questions remain about Windsor Green fire cause, damage cost

The South Carolina Forestry Commission said Tuesday there is a strong possibility that the cause of the Windsor Green condo fire may never be known.

"In this case there was a lot of heavy machinery in the area as emergency crews responded to the fire scene, a lot of traffic, then we got heavy rains," said Scott Hawkins with the Forestry Commission.

Bonde Rea said was one of those who lost her home in Saturday's night's fire. Like so many, she is still hanging on to any hope of being able to find out what caused this devastation.

"I have nothing left, no pictures, my husband, I have nothing left from him, one picture in my phone where he was very sickly at the time but I have it so I'm happy about that," she explained.

The investigation into the fire is still on going.

There were a few insurance companies out at the fire site Tuesday. Companies will be coming up with a dollar amount for damages, but say it could take a while before they know for sure.

Horry County police released Tuesday that the hotline for victims (997-6970) is being shut down.

Victims of the fire can call A&I Fire and Water Restoration at 843-236-2015 or 843-236-2047 for all inquiries concerning access to the site and property retrieval.