Put your hard hat on, it's time to tour Myrtle Beach's sports complex

The City of Myrtle Beach's $13.8 million dollar indoor sports complex is starting to take shape.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 got a sneak peek of the 100,000 square foot facility on Tuesday.

"One thing unique about this building is the size of it. It is a pretty big facility. It's hard to appreciate the size of it unless you're in it," said Dargan Construction Project Manager Hal Funderburk.

People have already started to book space in the facility, which is expected to be finished by March of 2015, according to Myrtle Beach Spokesman Mark Kruea.

The facility will have 30,000 square feet for a lobby, multipurpose rooms, a cafe, and administrative offices. There will be 70,000 square-feet for a gymnasium that can accommodate eight, full-sized basketball courts or 16 volleyball courts.

The indoor sports complex is adjacent to the Myrtle Beach Convention Center and now has an additional 500 parking spaces to accommodate the crowds to come.

City council members gave the plans a green light during its meeting last July.