Pulling the plug on flooding problems in Aynor

The Town of Aynor has received around $250,000 in grant money from the state to upgrade its drainage system.

Aynorâ??s current drainage system is comprised of open ditches that collect and drain rain water.

However, these ditches havenâ??t been cleaned out in more than 20 years and debris has built-up to the point where water can't drain as efficiently, according to Mayor Keb Johnson.

This makes the town more prone to flooding. Not only that, but the excess water can also be a health hazard for residents, because it can turn into a breeding ground for insects or other reptiles.

The process to upgrade the drainage system involves cleaning out the ditches first, followed by the installation of drainage tiles, and then covering the ditches.

This is the first time the town has taken on a major drainage upgrade like this, so Johnson is not sure how far the stateâ??s grant money will stretch.

The town has already started to clean out a ditch on Ash St., an area where a majority of the townâ??s flooding comes from.

However, Johnson has not set a clear date for when the drainage system upgrades will be completed until the town gets the ditches cleaned out.

â??This is not a process thatâ??s going to happen overnight. It didnâ??t get this way overnight. Itâ??s definitely not going to be fixed overnight,â?? Johnson said.

The town also gets money from Horry County to improve roads, and that money will be used to clean out the ditches.