Protestors picket outside Senator Lindsey Graham's Florence office

About 20 people protested outside of Senator Lindsey Graham's Florence office at the Federal Building on West Evans Street on Monday.

Members of the Florence and Myrtle Beach Tea Parties took part in the demonstration to voice their opposition to Graham voting yes for immigration reform.

"We hope that we will be able in this next election to get enough grass roots support that we can primary Lindsey and send Lindsey back home and let him do what he wants. Or move out to Arizona with John McCain. He fits in quite well with him," said Janet Spencer, Myrtle Beach Carolina Patriots.

"We're tired of him being so wishy washy and him sitting on the fence. He'll do one thing that's good and do about four or five that's displeasing to us. We want a real conservative to represent us," said Charlotte Hendrix, Florence Tea Party Patriots.

Senator Graham's office released a statement to WPDE NewsChannel 15 regarding the protests:

"We have had protestors both in support and opposition to immigration reform. Previously, the evangelical community and conservative religious leaders have held prayer vigils outside our offices encouraging people of faith to support immigration reform. I expect as the process moves forward we will have more people in the community, and across the state, speak out both for and against immigration reform."

"Senator Graham appreciates these individuals, whether in support or opposition, for taking time out of their day to make their voices heard."

Protestors picketed outside of all Graham's offices across the state.

The demonstration was sponsored by Freedom Works.