Prosperity Center to aid community members in job search

A memorandum of agreement was signed Thursday morning for the first Prosperity Center in Horry County located in the Myrtle Beach Family Learning Center on Oak Street.

The Horry County Literacy Council, Horry County Schools Adult Education, United Way of Horry County, and Goodwill Industries are the four core organizations that decided to put efforts toward creating the Prosperity Center.

The primary focus of the center is to offer free educational services to anyone looking for work.

"I think that will see someone move from an unemployed person, to a productive citizen in the community. We are just real please to be apart of that," said Olivia Garren, president of Horry County United Way.

One of the many services currently offered by the learning center is english as a second language.

"You come here and you don't speak nothing, and you need communication with other persons. It's difficult, very difficult," said Mayra Sarcco, a student who's learning english.

The Myrtle Beach Family Learning Center has 10 classrooms, five of which are used for english as a second language, which are filled with people representing 55 different countries.

Volunteers from the multiple agencies apart of the new Prosperity Center say it will bring a better way of life to people in the community.

"They often miss out on services because they don't have accessibility to transportation. This provides a one-stop-shop where they can come to one location and get what they need," said Debera Terpening, executive director of the Horry County Literacy Council.

The students currently using the free services say it has already improved their lives.

"Tell our teachers thank you so much for all they do for us," said Angat Bensalah.

The Prosperity Center services are expected to begin in November, as a few more computers are needed.

The services will include learning how to work with technology, resume building, receiving correct clothing for interviews, learning how to apply for jobs electronically, and improving writing, reading and math skills.