Proposed landfill for Hartsville

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) says Sonoco has proposed to build a Class 3 Landfill in Hartsville.

The site is located on 29 acres at the intersection of Miller Avenue and US Highway 15.

A public hearing was held on the landfill Tuesday at North Hartsville Elementary School.

The hearing is the first step of the permitting process that involves need, consistency, zoning and certain buffers.

Sonoco says it needs a landfill to dispose of the by-product of its recycled paper making operation.

In an email to NewsChannel 15, the company says this proposed landfill will hold non-hazardous materials, such as styrofoam, tape and staples.

It says the wastes have been routinely tested and continue to meet criteria for non-hazardous wastes.

The landfill will not accept wastes other than materials generated by the Sonoco's Hartsville operation, according to Sonoco.

The company says food waste from the plant's on-site cafeteria is managed by the City of Hartsville.

The site will include a drainage pond and access roads.

Richard Turner lives two miles from the proposed location. He still has a lot of concerns about how the landfill will impact the community.

"I don't think we need a landfill right up under our noses. We got home values is down enough because of the economy. A landfill just gone disturb it just that much more," explained Moore.

Moore has spent a lot of time passing out flyers about the landfill hoping it would get the attention of neighbors.

"I've talked to a number of people in Hartsville and probably 1% of the people that I talked to was even aware of it at all until I gave them the paper that was presented by DHEC."

Sonoco officials say they're already meeting their goal of taking 10 percent of our plants landfill free, which will be announced next week.

Sonoco officials say continue to work to find alternative uses for these materials, but until then they have to dispose of them correctly by way of landfills.