Project blamed for causing sinkhole resumes

The drainage project in Georgetown will force parts of Highway 17 to shut down starting this weekend.

Many residents and business owners blame the project for the sinkholes downtown that damaged several businesses and forced others to move, starting last November.

But the state Department of Transportation says it's still waiting for the cause and effect report before it takes responsibility.

Construction along Highway 17, also known as Fraser Street, is expected to take 60 days.

At the same time, crews will seal the retention pond at the corner of Dozier and Front streets. The retention pond will hold water that runs off the road and drain into the Sampit River.

There will also a pumping station across the street so if the retention pond gets too full, the water can be pumped up into the river quicker than it would flow naturally.

DOT says the work will be extensively monitored. They say the process can be stopped immediately if necessary.