Problem paving contractor to be tried in Florence County

Tommy Clack is scheduled to be tried on June 18 in Florence County, after prosecutors say in September of 2009, he took more than $90,000 from four people to pave their driveways and parking lots.

He's charged with four counts of swindling and four counts of obtaining goods under false pretenses.

Clack is also accused of scams in Horry County, as well as Florida and Maryland and he's banned from doing business in North Carolina.

Prosecutors say they notified Clack's attorney in January that the case would be tried on June 18. However, they still question if Clack will show up for his day in court.

"If everything has been done procedurally correct you can try a defendant in his absence. When they've been given a bond the bond requires them to come and answer to the charges and if they have notice of the trial and this has been set for certain day notice since February and they don't show up they can be tried in their absense," said Solicitor Ed Clements, 12th Circuit Solicitor's Office.

NewsChannel 15 contacted Clack's Florence attorney to get a comment on the upcoming trial. He has yet to return our phone call.

Last week, Dillon police ticketed Clack more than $1,000 for paving there without a business license.

Officers say he tried to scam an elderly woman out of $23,000 for paving her driveway.

He's set for court there on June 20. That's two days after his Florence trial is scheduled to start.