Primary voting going smoothly in Horry County

Besides the usual election day issues, Horry County election officials say voting in the Republican presidential primary was problem-free through midday Saturday.

Though phones were ringing steadily and county workers were kept busy at the Voter Registration and Elections office on 4th Ave. in Conway, the issues addressed by employees were typical for any election.

"We've had a lot of calls. (Voters) don't know where they go to vote or they forgot to change their address and they're not sure where to go to vote, if they go to the new place or the old place," said Horry County Election Director Sandy Martin.

Any concerns about rounding up enough poll workers for the primary turned out to be unfounded. Martin said there weren't as many poll workers as the county would normally have for a general election, but enough to cover every precinct for the primary.

Martin said the main concern on the minds of voters was an issue the county election office cannot solve.

"The biggest issue that we're hearing today is voters complaining about all the names being on the ballot of those that have dropped out (of the presidential race). That seems to be a concern, that maybe people are voting for people that's not really wanting the nomination and that's not something we can do anything about," she said.

According to a spokesman for the South Carolina State Election Commission, candidates who have dropped out of the race remain on the ballot because the commission has received no official notification of withdrawal from the candidates themselves, their campaigns or the Republican party.

Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry just dropped out of the race this week, making it too late to have their names removed from the computer database.

Martin was among the six county election department employees who were manning the phones for the primary. The day started for them at 6 a.m. Saturday and will continue until perhaps midnight or later, Martin said.