Power-less in Mullins: "In the name of Jesus, we need help."

North Main Streets in Mullins

This week's winter storm toppled trees and left
residents, like Glenora Lacy, feeling the strain as days pass with no power.

"Our lights have been down ever since the 12th of this week, which was Wednesday. That's right, Wednesday," said Lacy.

For Shaquilla Davis's two year old daughter, it's just confusing. "If a candle goes out she gets scared," said Davis. "She's getting used to it, but she'll go over to the lights, flick the switch to see if the lights come on, push the TV button to see if it comes on, and you have to keep explaining the same thing."

One way people are staying warm is by sitting in their cars with the heat on. The problem now is finding gas to run those cars. Many stations are out of fuel.

The s

tore shelves at Smith Grocery and Meat are bare. Bread and batteries are gone.

"It's really disaster," sa

id owner
Jay Deesai. "It's really bad for a small town and we don't have that many facilities."


We have candles. Hopefully that will last us until the lights come back on," sa

id Davis

, "But, no batteries."

The lumber that litters the streets is just a reminder that these people need power, need heat and need help.

"My name is Glenora Lacy. In the name of Jesus, we need help. We need help."