Pothole Patrol: What you can do about the problem

Potholes are a problem just about all of us face in our daily lives.

Glenns Bay Road in Surfside Beach is one of those roads that we have heard people complain about, because of its perpetual pothole problems over the years.

"The road is in horrible shape. There are a lot of potholes, and places where you can see they've tried to patch it over,


said Sean Michaels whose parents live off the state-owned road.

According to the South Carolina Department of Transportation's (SCDOT) most current Average Daily Traffic Counts, around 14,500 people used the road in 2012.

The year before,13,400 motorists used the road

. That's

an eight percent increase.

Michaels asked WPDE NewsChannel 15, why a state-owned road with such high-volumes of traffic doesn't get fixed more frequently.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 took his question to SCDOT Resident Maintenance Engineer Shannon Welch. He said there are several reasons.

The first has to do with the number of repair requests submitted.

Welch said from January to December of 2013, there were only two surface repair requests through the SCDOT's system for Glenns Bay Road.

Welch said if more requests were submitted, then it could increase the chances of a road, including Glenns Bay Road, to be repaired sooner.

It's something anyone can do to get their voice heard about a state-owned road in need of repair, click here to submit a form.

Another reason Glenns Bay hasn't had the repairs is the amount of funding the SCDOT gets each year.

Horry County got $7.1 million dollars-worth of state funds, which was used to resurface around 20 miles of road. This is out of the nearly 12,000 miles and 400 bridges that the SCDOT maintains in Horry County.

"We can't do every road

, s

o we have to select which roads we can with the funds we have to repair them," Welch said.

According to Welch's records, it has been since at least 2001 that Glenn's Bay Road has been resurfaced.

The final reason for Glenn's Bay Road not being fixed recently a widening project that is planned. It is on the state's 2014 Transportation Improvement Program to be widened.

Welch said that could begin as early as July.

In the meantime, be careful when you are driving Glenn's Bay Road or any other roads that may have potholes, because your vehicle

could be damaged


"A pothole, hitting it at 5 miles per hour can do damage, and hitting it at 80 mph can do the same amount of damage. A lot has to play on just how you hit the pothole," said Ozzy Mason, a manager at Mason Tire and Auto in Myrtle Beach.

Each month, Mason said he sees up to 20 cars come through his shop with damages to vehicles caused by potholes.

The most common pothole problems sees includes damage to the tire, rims and alignment.

Rim repairs tend to be the most costly and cost you anywhere from $60 for a standard rim repair to $1,000 for a total rim replacement, Mason said.

There are signs to look out for if your car has been damaged: if your car starts drifting while you're driving, it could mean your car is out of alignment, or if your rim is bent, dented, or cracked, you should seek an auto mechanic's help to repair it.