Possible sighting of drowning victim's body

It's been a week since a 13 year-old Maryland boy went missing in the ocean off Garden City beach. He's presumed to have drowned and Thursday, for the first time, police got a possible sighting of his body miles away from where the boy went missing.

A lazy day at the beach off Ocean Lakes Campground turned into sudden chaos when searchers in a Department of Natural Resources plane spotted what they thought was a body floating in the water. Jackie Abernathy from Clover, SC was there.

"We heard the airplane, it just kept circling around and around and then, next thing we know, the sirens went off on the airplane and jet skis started coming out and they was just circling around in the water," said Abernathy.

Witnesses describe a sudden flurry of activity, with searchers taking to the air and water, circling the area for an hour or more.

"There were many, many people standing along the shoreline watching what was going on here," said Robert Martin from Appomattox, VA.

This first possible sign of the boy's body came several miles north of where he went missing last Thursday. That's when Horry County police, the US Coast Guard, and other rescue crews took to the air and water, using boats and helicopters in their search.

They found no sign of him then and police say, this latest search Thursday also turned up nothing beyond that first possible sighting from the air. It was a disappointment to so many, who had hoped to bring an end to what is surely every parent's worst nightmare.

There have been five drownings in Horry County so far this year, including three in the ocean. Thursday, beach patrol in Myrtle Beach rescued three people who got caught up in rip currents. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Horry County police say officers will remain in the area where the boy went missing and their search will continue.