Popular Pawleys Island subdivision tries to limit Trick or Treaters

The Ricefields subdivision in Pawleys Island is looking to limit the number of trick or treaters during Halloween night.

The community claims that they are popular spot for candy-seekers.

The President of the Property Owners Association, Robert Hesterfer says that the flow of traffic through the subdivision was so heavy in 2011, that it was dangerous and something needed to be changed.

"We came up with trying to limit the vehicles the best we could, and that leads us to the sign," said Hesterfer.

The sign he's referring to is the one placed outside the entrances to the subdivision.

They say, 'Halloween, residents only. No outside vehicles, thank you.'

Some residents agree with the POA's decision.

"I understand why they did it. It was definitely for the safety of the kids," said Becky Sanders.

Halloween enthusiasts feel the new rules take away from the holiday.

"The hard part is so many friends and all throughout the community have been so distressed about it. Where are we going to go? There's nowhere to go? And we've had to tell them, I'm sorry you can't come to Ricefields," said Leigh Eddy.

Hesterfer says the point was to keep the vehicles out for safety precautions, not to ruin Halloween.

Hesterfer said he gave residents guest passes to hand out to friends and relatives.

He said they gave out close to 300 passes.

The Georgetown County Sheriffs Office will be patrolling the entrance and exits to the subdivision checking every car to see if they have a pass.

They will close down the community from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.