Poor eyesight in SC may cost you money and your license

Under current South Carolina law, all drivers are supposed to get an eye test every five years and send it in to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

This doesn't affect drivers over the age of 65 who renew their licenses, and get the eye exam that comes along with it, every five years, but it does affect drivers under 65 who renew their licenses every ten years.

DMV spokesperson Beth Parks said this law is something the state has been unable to enforce.

"When you consider the number of people that would have to be notified that they needed to do that, it would be a very expensive endeavor," Parks said.

Breaking this law technically requires a $50 fine or even a license suspension. Parks said these consequences are something Kevin Schwedo, the DMV's executive director, told state lawmakers he's not going follow through with.

"It's not something I think they realized would happen when they wrote the law as it is now, and it's just one of those things they need to fix. It's an issue they need to fix and they're looking into it," Parks said.

Some drivers believe this law is something state lawmakers need to address immediately.

"Either change the law or enforce it. One or the other," John Blackstead of Conway said.

"I see a lot of people driving out there that shouldn't be. I would like them to be able to get tested so I feel safer on the road," Charlotte Manuel of Conway said.

Parks said anyone who wants to get their vision checked can do so for free at any of South Carolina's DMV locations.