Poll turmoil has some voters asking for early voting

Early voting sign in Florida

South Carolina turned to the polls Tuesday to make their vote count, but some voters were frustrated with the long lines and wait times.

Many showed up to the polls simply to exercise their right.

"It's an American duty to vote," said Socastee resident, David Bryant.

For some of those that waited over four hours to vote, their right to choose became a chore. Many residents believe that because of the long lines and wait, South Carolina should become an early voting state.

"The lines are so long, it take forever to get through and I think it would definitely be helpful to have early voting," said Sandra Sharp.

Newly re-elected President Barack Obama agrees. In his acceptance speech Tuesday night the President said we need to fix the long lines.

To fix what some say is problem would take our state legislature to create an amendment in the South Carolina Constitution to allow early voting.

A bill has been introduced each year since 2009 according to Chris Whitmire, the South Carolina Election Commission spokesperson.

He said the election commission supports the idea of early voting in South Carolina and believes a similar bill will be presented in 2013.

Some voters did express that their wait times were not long at all, and that they had a positive voting experience.

There are currently 34 states that have early voting.