Political free weekend for some

Not everyone headed to the polls and planned to stay glued to the TV tonight as the results come in. Many decided to treat today as a normal Saturday.

At The Market Common people walked around Grand Park with their dogs and enjoyed the scenery. The same is true a few miles away along the Boardwalk. The nice weather brought out Gayle France of Carolina Forest.

"My husband and I like to take at least a mile walk everyday you know and we go different places and it seemed like a nice day today to come down to the beach so that's why we came down here," says France.

She's one of thousands who skipped the polls in favor of spending quality time outdoors.

"Mostly the Republicans probably went to vote today and I consider myself an Independent so I'll wait until the big one comes up," she adds.

Wanda McGowan is in town from Spartanburg for a girls weekend with her sister-in-law. She and others donned jackets for a walk on the beach. At least one person decided to go for a swim and the attractions had customers as well.

"In the mountains there's snow we didn't want to go there. We figured this would be calm and peaceful and that's what we come for just to relax," says McGowan. It's her first time visiting the Grand Strand in January. "We're going to do some shopping, go to eat, you know just hang out, walk on the beach some more."

McGowan adds she's not quite ready to go home and as for who will be tonight's winner, many out and about today aren't concerned.

Some of those who are visiting the Grand Strand from around the state may have voted absentee. According to the state election commission as of Friday nearly 23,000 absentee ballots had been cast.