Police: Woman kidnapped and held at gunpoint

A woman told police she was kidnapped outside of a bar in Myrtle Beach and driven around town while being held at gunpoint.

The victim said she was smoking outside of the 11th Hour Bar on 7th Avenue North when a man came outside and forced her into a small-white color sedan.

The suspect put a pistol to her head and punched her several times, she said.

The victim told police the suspect was wearing a blue T-shirt underneath a gray sweatshirt and jeans with short cropped hair and a thin mustache.

The suspect and victim were driven around by another suspect that was wearing a dark T-shirt, according to the victim.

The man holding the victim at gunpoint kept asking her about a man named James, she said.

She told police she did not know who the suspect was talking about.

The suspects then drove to Ocean West Hotel on Kings Hwy. where one suspect walked into the office, the police report says.

The suspects drove back to a parking lot between the 11th Hour Bar and the Old Beverly Motel, she said.

The suspects got out of the car and told the victim not to move.

Once the suspects walked out of sight, she jumped out of the car and ran to a bar on 7th Avenue North and called police, according to the report.