Police used phone records and GPS to find murder suspect

Circuit Court Judge Paul Burch has denied bond for Keith Hicks, 37, the man accused of murdering Gregory Pete Purvis, 42, last week.

Purvis was found shot to death outside a home on North Everette Street in Bennettsville on September 15.

He lived in Charlotte and was visiting family and friends.

Investigators told the judge they learned Hicks wasn't telling the truth about where he was around the time of the shooting.

"Through phone records and GPS coordinates we were able to show that the defendant was not where he claimed to be. We were able to link a vehicle that belongs to the defendant's mother as a white PT Cruiser. Evidence that was collected from the defendant the night of the incident was sent to SLED where gunshot residue (GSR) found on defendant's car. Also, the vehicle, GSR, was also found in it," said Lt. Larry Turner, Bennettsville police.

Purvis' widow Sonya Purvis asked the judge to keep Hicks in jail until the case goes to trial.

"It wasn't fair to brutally kill Gregory Purvis. He was unarmed and truly unaware of his impending death. I respectfully request that in the interest of justice and public safety that bail be denied," Sonya said.

Ralph Wilson is representing Hicks and argued for his client to get bond.

"In terms of whether or not this defendant is any danger to the community absolutely not," said Ralph Wilson. "This defendant has lived in this community his entire life. He's born and raised here."

Judge Burch says he will revisit the issue of bond for Hicks next month.