Police use GPS tracking bracelet to find suspect in Longs murder

Jamar Hashawn Wilson

Horry County police say the suspect in the Longs deadly shooting has been charged with murder. Police arrested Jamar Hashawn Wilson, 21, on Friday after they tracked him using the GPS bracelet he wore as a condition of bond from a previous charge.

Police responded to J.C. Lane just before 4 p.m. Thursday, where Gemell Drake Ford, 33, had been shot in the leg.

Horry County Deputy Coroner Darris Fowler says Ford died from massive hemorrhaging.

In November 2010, Wilson was placed on home detention after being charged with Accessory after the fact to Murder. As a part of his bond, a judge ruled Wilson would be required to wear a tracking bracelet.

Horry County police detectives say they were able to verify that Wilson was on J. C. Lane Thursday during the time of the shooting because of the GPS bracelet.

They were also able to determine he was at his home where they arrested him. The amount of freedom someone who's required to wear a tracking bracelet depends on the court's ruling. Wilson's bracelet allowed him to leave his home.

Seventy-five to 80 suspects in Horry County are wearing tracking devices at this time, said Horry County Deputy Thomas Johnson.

The GPS tracking system sends the individuals location every minute to a county computer system.

Horry County Police Sergeant Robert Kegler says police expect at least one more arrest in the case.

Police are not sure of a motive in the shooting.