Police set up sting to nab Hartsville teacher on theft charges

Hartsville police arrested Sutton Marie Kinsley, 28, on a Petit Larceny charge last Friday at Thornwell School for the Arts in Hartsville, after they say they caught her stealing in a sting operation.

Kinsley teaches first grade at Thornwell.

Because there was suspicion Kinsley was stealing from people at the school, Hartsville police set up a sting.

An officer placed $25 in a purse belonging to Kinsley's co-worker. The $5 and $20 bills were marked with blue ink in a diamond-like pattern, according to an incident report.

An hour later, police got a call from the co-worker saying the money was gone.

The report says Kinsley was questioned and voluntarily pulled the marked $25 out of her pocket.

Kinsley was arrested and taken to the Darlington County Detention Center.

Kinsley has been placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation, says Audrey Childers, the spokesperson for the Darlington County School District.