Police search for suspects in stabbings

(updated: 6:56pm)

Two men were stabbed multiple times and hospitalized on Tuesday, but Myrtle Beach Police don't know much more than that, according to a release from a department spokesman.

Police arrived on 37th Ave North around 12:30 p.m. and found one man with several stab wounds. Another victim, they were told, left the scene, but detectives learned a short while later that the second victim checked himself into a hospital.

It was not entirely clear whether the two victims attacked each other or whether there were outside assailants, detectives said.

Police attempted to interview the victims, but because of their medical conditions, they were unsuccessful in gathering additional information.

But witnesses on 37th Avenue describe seeing four men leave in a hurry from the apartment, and then hearing screams for help.

"That back door opened, and a guy was beat up really bad saying 'help, help. 911,'" said Jammie Roberts who lives next door to where the stabbings happened.

Her friend, Andrea Moore, then ran to help and found a man bloodied and barely conscious.

"He lifted his shirt, and I saw the puncture wound right there," Moore said as she pointed to her stomach and back. "And there was blood on the floor, and I totally freaked out."

Police looked through the neighborhood for a couple of hours, but they have made no arrests.