Police say still no sign of missing teen in water

Myrtle Beach Police say they are still searching for Jeremy Lee Truitt, the man last seen in the ocean swimming with two friends.

The 18-year-old went missing around 1:00 Wednesday afternoon when the three men were caught in a current that pushed the men farther from shore.

Police reports say the three men who went to high school together in North Carolina were swimming in the ocean off of 24th Avenue North. A family friend said Truitt was set to graduate from high school this year.

One of the men swimming with missing man at the time told police Truitt began to panic, hung around his neck and pulled both of them underwater. To resurface and breathe, the man had to push Truitt off of him.

When he did reach the surface, he could see Truitt struggling and being pulled even farther into the ocean by the current.

Lifeguards were able to rescue the two other men.

Coast Guard boats and helicopters, Myrtle Beach Beach Patrol officials and lifeguards searched for Truitt throughout the afternoon and evening Wednesday. Around 7:00 p.m., crews stopped searching from boats and helicopters and continued from the shore.

The beach patrol stayed overnight searching from the shore.

Myrtle Beach Police Cpt. David Knipes says the department will continue to search for the missing man at this time.