Police say "no new information" in Drexel case

After ran a story about the Brittanee Drexel investigation Thursday, Myrtle Beach police sent a news release to the media saying there was nothing new to report in the case.

Drexel, 17 at the time, was last seen leaving the Blue Water Resort in Myrtle Beach on April 25, 2009.

She was in Myrtle Beach on spring break from Rochester, NY.

In August of 2011, we covered the search of a Georgetown County motel room, one of dozens of searches for Drexel since her disappearance.

At the time, police would not name the person whose motel room was searched. We did get that information from the owner of the motel. He said Raymond Moody moved into that apartment the day before Drexel disappeared and moved out six months later.

SLED officials confirmed to us at the time that Moody is a registered sex offender who previously lived at the motel, but they would not say whether he is connected to the Drexel case.

Police, Thursday, issued the following statement about the article and the August 2011 search.

Myrtle Beach Police Capt. David Knipes wrote, " has an article on their website concerning the Drexel case.

Let me advise everyone, all at the same time, that there is no new information on this case. Mr. Moody was a person that was investigated in this case. His hotel room was searched last year and he is one of many people that we have investigated during the course of this investigation. This is still an active investigation and we continue to follow any and every lead possible. There is no further information to pass on."

We will continue to keep you posted about any developments in the Drexel investigation.