Police say 30-year-old man assaulted a boy in hotel steam room

A Virginia Beach, Virginia man has been arrested for assaulting a juvenile.

Ronald Wayne Whitley, 30, was arrested Tuesday at 11:12 a.m.

On Monday afternoon, the victim said he was in a steam room at Marriot's OceanWatch Villas at Grand Dunes on Costa Verde Drive in Myrtle Beach.

The victim said Whitley went into the room and started talking to him.

The victim said Whitley asked him sexual questions and then grabbed his genitals, according to the police report.

When the victim pushed Whitley off of him, he went to the lockers and Whitley followed him.

The victim told his mom what happened, then she reported the incident to security guards at the hotel and to police.

Police later found Whitley by tracking down a rental car he was in at Broadway at the Beach.

Whitley faces a felony assault charge.

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