Police report filed, accusing school board member of harrassment

NewsChannel 15 has learned the Marion County Sheriff's Office took an incident report from a 17-year-old student at Mullins High School .

The report is classified as unlawful communication and in it the student says he got harrassing text messages from Marion School District Two .

board member, Shawn Harrelson, 39, in reference to Harrelson's daughter's friendship with the student.

The report says there are a total of nine text messages sent from Harrelson to the student on April 13.

The boy went to the sheriff's office to report the matter on April 20.

The student says in the report he sent nine messages back to Harrelson because he didn't know the number or who was texting him.

According to the police report, Harrelson texted the 17-year-old saying "Do not call my daughter anymore."

It says the boy asks who the person is who is texting him and Harrelson replies "your nightmare."

The student replied back "really, I don't know who you are," the report says.

It says Harrelson then texted back and said "Her dad" and the report says the the 17-year-old replied saying "Do you know who I am" and Harrelson said "yes."

The student wrote back saying "Then you know, I'm not a bad person." The report says Harrelson responded saying "But you know what I am talking about" and the teenager said " And u know I'm a nice person and u don't have to come at me this way. U never know I just might be the best person for her."

The reports says Harrelson replied "I know what is best for her. Stay away from her or I will notify police for harrassment."

The boy responded by texting "And who am I harrassing. Because it looks to me that you are doin that to me."

Harrelson wrote "Just stay away from her," according to the report.

The teen texted in response saying, "I don't think I can do that. She is a nice person and I will not do anything to hurt her and I hope she feels the same way."

Harrelson responded "Trust me you will."

The 17-year-old replied "Why do you say that explain?"

The report says Harrelson said " Do not call her again last warning."

The boy texted "Or What?"

Deputies say no type of contact has been made since the incident occurred.

At this time, it is not known how the Marion County Sheriff's Office will proceed with the matter.

The superintendent of Marion School District Two, Michael Lupo, told NewsChannel 15 last week the school board attorney is doing an internal investigation of the exchanges.

Lupo did not indicate when the investigation would wrap-up.

NewsChannel 15 has also learned the Marion County NAACP is also looking into the incident.