Police report details conditions of home of couple charged in Heather Elvis murder

An Horry County police report details what police found inside the home of Sidney and Tammy Moorer, when police executed a search warrant there February 21 in connection with the disappearance of Heather Elvis.

When police arrived at the home on Highway 814 near Myrtle Beach, the Moorers were asleep in their master bedroom along with three children, a 14-year old boy, a 12-year old girl, and an 8-year-old boy.

Police observed three firearms out in the open. According to the report, two long guns were leaning against the wall, while a subcompact pistol rested on the night stand beside the bed.

Police say the home was in disarray and unsanitary.

"The kitchen had some sort of meat lying atop the kitchen island that had aged for some time. Cooked potatoes were left on the counter top, which had begun to mold. Trash was left about the counter tops and floors," the report stated.

The report also detailed the conditions of the children's bedrooms, which it says contained trash, clothes and toys scattered everywhere.

"The backyard area was covered in animal feces," the report said.

The case was forwarded to the Department of Social Services.

Following the execution of the search warrant, Sidney and Tammy Moorer were arrested and eventually charged with Murder, Kidnapping, Obstruction of Justice, and two counts of Indecent Exposure in connection with the disappearance of Heather Elvis.

The Moorers are expected in court on Monday, March 17 for a bond hearing on the Murder charge.