Police raid apartments, home, and seize drugs in Bennettsville

Suspected drug dealers got quite an awakening Friday morning.

Bennettsville police raided three apartments at Hill Crest Apartments, following undercover drug buys during the past three months.

Officers arrested Jimmy Quick, 25, Reggie Hailey, 17, Jimmy David,42, Michael Carter,42, Anthony Miller, 44, and Billy King, 56.

"Around 4:30 this morning, we executed several search warrants at Hill Crest apartments, and arrested several individuals for Distribution of Marijuana, Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana, and Possession with Intent to Distribute Controlled Substances, " said Lieutenant Larry Turner.

Police started the investigation in December after getting complaints from residents.

"We've been able to at every home we went in been able to get drugs out of those homes. as well as some cash. What we're just trying to do is make sure this community is safe. Safe from gun violence , safe from drugs," said Chief Larry McNeil.

Officers say they believe the raids will send a message to other drug dealers and restore a sense of safety for residents.

"Hopefully, this will let the neighbors know that their kids can actually go back outside and be able to play without somebody coming into the neighborhood to rob a drug dealer or drive-by shootings that sometimes occur from drugs. Just trying to give the neighborhoods a safe environment to live in," said Lieutenant Turner.

Officers seized a half pound of marijuana and $2,265.00 cash.

The suspects are being held at the Marlboro County Detention Center.

Police say this investigation is ongoing and they're looking to arrest more people.