Police prepare to cite Uber drivers

File image of the Uber app

Myrtle Beach police are about to crack down on Uber, a ride sharing company that officials say isn't licensed to operate in the city.

And cab drivers who are licensed say they want Uber stopped.

The cab companies met with city council Tuesday to have their voices heard.

"They don't care about anybody's safety. They care about lining their pockets and we're not going to stand by and watch them line them through us. It's just not going to happen. You're not going to bully us and us not do nothing. We're going to fight and we're going to keep fighting so if we have to we'll sue them, we'll keep going, whatever we have to do stop them," said Charles Moore, General Manager at Diamond Cab.

The city said they are trying to stop Uber.

Myrtle Beach Police said Tuesday they will be citing Uber drivers for operating without a business license.

"As far as enforcement-wise, it can be as simple as a citation, a written citation up to a physical arrest and tow of a vehicle," said Administrative Captain Marty Brown with Myrtle Beach Police.

So why doesn't Uber just get a business license? Taylor Bennett, an Uber spokesperson said they don't think they need one.

He said Uber is a technology company that connects drivers and riders through an app. Because they don't actually provide the ride, they say they don't need a business license.

As for the city's crackdown, Uber argued the city is limiting competition and hurting residents in the long run.

"What Uber provides is economic opportunity for drivers to make a living, to make some extra cash, to start their own business and to take it away they're taking jobs away from cities. It's taking opportunity away from drivers," Benett explained.

As of Tuesday morning, Myrtle Beach Police said there were at least two Uber drivers on the Myrtle Beach streets.

We asked Uber's spokesperson how many contracted drivers there are in Myrtle Beach. He said he couldn't answer that, but did say there are hundreds operating in South Carolina.

Uber said the company is operating in more than 70 cities.