Police: Man stuck in ventilation shaft at business after trying to break in

A man who was stuck in a ventilation shaft for nearly ten hours will be in the hospital for a few days and is charged with Burglary Second Degree.

Laquain Deshawn Guy, 22, tried to break into the Arby's on Highway 76 in Mullins Monday night by climbing on the roof and through the ventilation shaft, according to Captain Joe Graham with Mullins police.

Graham said Mullins Fire and Rescue freed Guy by cutting the ventilation pipe and pulling him through the roof, according to Graham.

Crews then lowered him down and onto a stretcher. Graham said he had some injuries including a possible broken arm. Because they weren't sure of the extent of his injuries, they flew him to McLeod.

An employee was opening the business Tuesday morning when he heard noises. He called police and that's when they realized a man was stuck inside the shaft.

Police say they're also looking for a person of interest in the burglary.

We're told Guy is dehydrated and has some muscle damage.