Police: Man pulls a knife on cab driver after sending flirty texts

Myrtle Beach police say a man pulled a knife on a Myrtle Beach cab driver after sending her "flirty" text messages and a picture of himself.

Police said the man who called himself Patrick called the cab driver asking for her number so he could call her when he needed a ride and sent a picture of himself, telling the woman via text he "likes older women," according to the police report.

The man later called the same cab driver asking for a ride from the Bay View Hotel in Myrtle Beach, police added.

Police say the man later got into the front seat of the taxi after making one stop, pulled out a closed pocket knife and demanded money before running away on 7th Ave. North.

The suspect took $80 from the cab driver and was not injured.

He was wearing a hat, white hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and had a short goatee with a thin beard.

Officers checked with Bay View Motel employees to see if anyone recognized him but no one could identify him.