Police: Man admits to killing kitten for "not playing nice"

Courtesy Myrtle Beach Jail

A Myrtle Beach man admitted to police that he killed a kitten because it wasn't playing nice on Saturday.

Around 2:30 p.m. Myrtle Beach responded to Seven Brothers Hotel for a cruelty to animal call.

The manager of the hotel told officers that a tenant just killed his kitten, according to a police report.

An Animal Control officer was already on scene.

Roger LeBlanc, 50, told police that he was very angry today, and the kitten wasn't playing nice, according to the police report.

LeBlanc told police he beat the kitten with his bare hands. He also said he slammed it into the ground several times. He said then put the kitten in a garbage bag and tried to throw it in the dumpster, but people saw him, according to the police report.

LeBlanc said he tried to clean up the evidence in room, said the police report.

LeBlanc was arrested for Mistreatment to Animals.

He is being held in the Myrtle Beach Jail.