Police investigating stabbing in Myrtle Beach

Courtesy Andrew Prue

Myrtle Beach police are investigating a stabbing that happened on 5th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach Wednesday night at the Blossom Inn.

Police say a fight started in the parking lot around 6:20 between Dale Franklin Mceachern Jr. and Wayne Jackson.

Jackson thought Mceachern was being too loud and didn't belong on the property, according to the police report.

The fight continued upstairs in Mceachern's apartment.

That's when the victim got involved and started fighting with Jackson.

Myrtle Beach police said Jackson stabbed the victim in his left side.

The victim and Jackson were taken to the hospital.

Jackson and Mceachern were later arrested.

They both faces Assault charges and are being held without bond.

Mceachern also faces a Drug charge. According the police report, officers seized a small amount of crack cocaine.