Police investigating disappearance of Surfside Beach woman

Allison Byerly - Photo taken night she disappeared/Photo courtesy:Surfside Beach Police

**UPDATE** Byerly was found safe on Tuesday afternoon by Surfside Beach police.

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Allison Leigh Byerly, 44, was last seen in the area of Surfside Drive late Saturday night into the early Sunday morning hours, according to Surfside Beach Police Department.

They're asking for information about her disappearance.

They say she has not returned home and did not report to work Monday.

The photograph with this story was taken the evening she disappeared and shows the clothing she was wearing.

Curis Kremer, the owner of Pier Outfitters, says Byerly has been working at the ice cream shop in the store for several months.

Kremer says the last time he saw Byerly was when she was leaving after her shift Saturday night. He said she and a co-worker had plans to go for drinks after work.

Kremer added that in the months she had worked at his store, Byerly was never the type to show up late for work or skip a shift. "She's never even been late, so it's very out of character for her not to have showed or called. That's why we're so concerned. It's just out of character for her so we're hoping that someone sees this, someone calls and says, you know, 'Hey she's all right'," Kremer explained.

Surfside Beach Police Chief Rodney Keziah asks anyone with any information about Byerly to contact investigators at 843-913-6368.