Police follow leads in murder of elderly couple

Monday, funeral services were held for an elderly Dillon County couple found slain in their home one week ago. The couple had been together for more than 50 years.

Detectives have been gathering leads, but so far those leads haven't led to any suspects.

Crime scene tape still surrounds the home of 84-year-old Walter Swaner and his 80-year-old wife Mary.

Exactly one week ago, a relative found their bodies in the couple's home on Dixie Acres Drive in Dillon County.

Cpt. Cliff Arnette is heading up this investigation for the Dillon County Sheriff's Office and says they haven't gathered many concrete leads.

"We haven't developed much information at all," Arnette said.

They're trying to develop more information by talking with the Swaner's neighbors.

Some neighbors didn't want to go on camera, but they tell NewsChannel 15 several home invasions have happened in their community in recent weeks.

They question if intruders forced their way into the Swaner's home, then robbed and killed them.

Captain Arnette says at this point he can't say if that's a possible scenario, but they're exploring all angles.

"We're unclear as to what may be missing from the residents at this point and time. That's something that we're still investigating," said Arnette.

Arnette said officers are using every available resource to find whoever killed the Swaners to hopefully provide closure for the couple's family.

"There's no reason for someone to have to do something to a couple in their 80s like this. They were a nice couple who wouldn't harm a fly ... it's just uncalled for."

Dillon police and forensics experts with state police are helping in this investigation.

If you have any information that could help police in this investigation, you're asked to call the Dillon County Sheriff's Office at (843) 774-1432.

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