Police find "shake and bake" meth lab

North Myrtle Beach public safety officers have identified a "shake and bake" methamphetamine lab on Handy Street in North Myrtle Beach, according to North Myrtle Beach spokesperson Pat Dowling.

Police received a tip from residents in the area. Police went to search the home and found what is believed to be a meth lab, Dowling said.

No meth was found but residue was left behind from the meth lab, Dowling added. He also said they found the ingredients used to make meth.

A HAZMAT team was called to the house.

They found the bottles in the attached picture in woods near the house.

North Myrtle Beach criminal investigations wants people to be aware that those bottles can contain dangerous chemicals that can burn you or explode. Detective Paul Sheets said they'll have a pink or white powdery tint to them.

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