Police find pregnant woman snorting drugs

Laura Ashley Howell

Surfside Beach police were dispatched to a home on 3rd Avenue North about 4:40 a.m. July 22.

The person who called police answered the door and said the suspect was in the kitchen snorting a line.

The officer walked in and saw Laura Ashley Howell, 23, snorting a line of blue powder, according to the police report.

The officer says when she leaned up, she almost fell to the ground.

The officer says there was a larger pile of blue powder on the counter with Howell's ID card in the middle.

He says Howell told him the substance was crushed up Xanax and admitted she didn't have a prescription.

While talking with the officer, Howell told him she was eight months pregnant.

The officer arrested Howell and took her to the Surfside Beach jail for Unlawful Conduct toward a Child and Possession of a Controlled Substance.