Police find $37,800 in cash in car, leads to drug arrest

Jarad Ratcliff

Surfside Beach police have arrested Jarad Ratcliff after finding a zipped bag containing $37,800 in cash in his car and one pound of marijuana, weapons and ammunition in his house, according to Chief Rodney Keziah.

An officer made the stop September 5 at 11 a.m.

The officer said Ratcliff was nervous and smelled of marijuana.

Officers say they found a clear plastic bag with what appeared to be marijuana in it and arrested him.

Police got a warrant to search the car and found $37,800 in cash.

They executed a second search warrant at his home on Juniper Drive in Surfside Beach and say they found several weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and additional quantities of Marijuana weighing over one pound.

Ratcliff is charged with two counts of Possession of Marijuana With Intent to Distribute and two counts of Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute Within ½ Mile Proximity of School, Park, Place of Worship.