Police: Judge used wrong arrest record during bond hearing for Ocean Boulevard defendant

Raekwon Tariq Graham, 18, of Albemarle, N.C., was charged with six counts of attempted murder, according to police. (WPDE file photo)

Myrtle Beach police have confirmed that a municipal judge used the wrong arrest record during bond hearing for one of the men charged in the Ocean Boulevard shooting that was caught on Facebook Live and that man will now appear before a judge again today at 4 p.m, according to Lt. Joey Crosby, spokesperson for the department.

Raekwon Tariq Graham, 18, of Albemarle, N.C., was charged with six counts of attempted murder, according to police.

On Friday, Graham appeared before the Myrtle Beach Municipal Court Judge Scott Long for his bond hearing.

His bond was denied during the hearing and the judge cited a prior criminal history in Richland County. The judge said Graham was charged in March of last year with assault with intent to commit first degree criminal sexual conduct, first degree burglary, first degree assault and battery, malicious injury to personal property. He said those charges came out of Richland County.

ABC 15 researched those prior charges and couldn't connect them to Graham, but rather to a man named Raequawn Graham.

Raequawn Graham is still in custody in Richland County, according to the Richland County Sheriff's Office.

Crosby said the police department reviewed the criminal history and the recording of the bond hearing proceedings. Upon review of the information, the police department has advised the court and the solicitor’s office that the arrest record identified by the judge does not belong to Raekwon Graham.

"Prior to the court hearing, the court was provided a criminal history that was obtained from the National Crime Information Center, NCIC. The identity of Graham was verified through fingerprints. The criminal history contained arrest records of a defendant with a similar name, Raequawn Graham, who has a date of birth with the same month and year. During the bond hearing proceedings, the Judge documented the arrest record of Raequawn Graham as that of Raekwon Graham," according to a statement from police.

15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said the NCIC database is complex and mistakes could happen. He said when searching for criminal backgrounds in NCIC, multiple results could pop up depending on how much personal information is provided.

He said NCIC searches can turn up other people with similar birth dates, social security, race, gender, or even names.

"It spits out not only the people directly on the social security number, the name, proper spelling, the birth date, the sex gender, but also anything else that the NCIC, the national computer, is thinking it could be," said Richardson.

"NCIC is a tool and you're reading that tool to get the very best information that you can and there's never going to be perfection when you're talking about that many factors that are going into it."

Richardson said in a case like this, it would be up to the municipal court judge to determine a match. He said asking the defendant additional questions is sometime necessary to avoid any confusions.

"That part of it is not rare there's plenty of times when you would have to ask more questions," said Richardson.

Richardson believes in a case like this, Graham will be given a new bond hearing. ABC15 reached out to the judge for comment. The clerk of courts office says he has no comment.

Raekwon Graham's mother, Cassandra Miller, reached out to ABC15 and said her son does not have a criminal record.

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