Police capture dog suspected of attacking woman, child

A mixed breed dog is in the custody of animal control after it was captured by police Tuesday after they say it attacked a 38-year-old woman and eight-year-old child Monday at Church and Chestnuts Streets in Cheraw, according to Captain Keith Thomas with Cheraw police.

We've learned the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control will take possession of the animal sometime Wednesday afternoon, and it will be quarantined for two weeks to make sure it doesn't have rabies or any other conditions that could impact its behavior.

Thomas says the child was in a ditch and screaming when the woman heard the girl and ran to her aid.

The woman was able to get the dog off the child, but both had to be treated for superficial wounds and scratches.

Officials are checking to see if the dog has been vaccinated.

Once all the information is gathered and tests are in on the animal, police will decide if the animal can be released back to its owner.

The owner could be charged with violation of the state leash law.

This incident remains under investigation.