Police arrest man impersonating an officer at Target

Ronald Edgar Marcoux, 56, was arrested Friday for impersonating law enforcement, unlawful carry, and possesion of a controlled substance.

Myrtle Beach police responded to the Target on Seaboard Street, to a complaint that there was a man walking around the store with a police badge and gun.

The witness told police the suspect went by the name "Sunny," and would sit in the store all day, every day showing his badge and stating that he was keeping his girlfriend safe, who worked there.

According to the police report, the witness also says Marcoux pulled a weapon on a shoplifter to stop him from stealing.

When police got to Target, they found Marcoux sitting in the food court with a sheriff's hat on. Marcoux told police that he was there for his girlfriend's safety because she had been a victim of domestic abuse.

The officers asked Marcoux if he had a weapon, and according to the police report, He immediately turned over his weapon.

Police say Marcoux also had a deputy sheriff badge on him.

Marcoux later admitted that he was not an officer, nor did he have a permit to carry a firearm.

Once in jail, Myrtle Beach Police found a white pill which police determined to be OxyContin.