Plant fire leaves dozens out of work

The closure of the Agrium US fertilizer plant left more than 60 people without jobs.

Agrium officials have not said whether the company will continue paying employees affected by the plants closure after Monday night's fire destroyed the building.

Robert Long,the Executive Director of the Darlington County Economic Development Partnership, says those who worked at Agruim should go immediately to the unemployment office.

According to him, "With any type of manufacturing job, you have the direct jobs that are affected, but then you have those insularly jobs that support that operation, so the impact is much more that the jobs directly impacted."

Long's office has scheduled three meetings next Tuesday at the One Stop Workforce Center in Hartsville to help Agruim employees find work. Those meetings will be Tuesday, February 22nd at 9 a.m, 10:30 a.m, and 1 p.m.

He says, "Obviously, one of our first goals is to see if we can get that facility rebuilt and recreate those jobs. But there are going to be opportunities because of the fire for those folks to get training."