Pit bulls involved in deadly attack


t least five of the dogs that


a Robeson County woman Tuesday are pit bulls.

Mary Jo Hunt, 54, was killed. He


death has been ruled accidental.

Hunt was trying to save a small dog that was being attacked by the larger ones when she died, Robeson County Sheriff Kenneith Sealey said.

He says Hunt and her sister rescued the dogs. They were seized and taken to the Robeson County Animal Shelter.

According to shelter manager, Bryon Lashley, five of the ten dogs seized are pit bulls. He says he isn't sure of the breed of the other dogs.

Lashley says the pug that Hunt was trying to help has died from its injuries. He says a female pit bull was also injured and is being treated by a veterinarian.

The attack happened at Hunt's home on Sharon Lane.

Deputies managed to get the dogs off Hunt, but found she was already dead, according to Sheriff Sealey.

Sealey says she was mangled and her clothes were torn off.

Deputies say once their investigation is complete, they will turn the findings over to the Robeson County District Attorney who will decide what if any charges will be filed.