Pit bull puppies and mom left at shelter

Seven puppies were abandoned Sunday at the Coastal Animal Rescue in Murrells Inlet, and volunteers say this is something that happens regularly.

Volunteer Paula Syms says she's grateful the seven pit bull puppies and their mother weren't just left to die in a ditch.

Syms said they have had dogs tied to their mailbox, and that people often throw their pets out like trash. But, she said this type of behavior can be stopped just by being a responsible pet owner.

"They could have had their dogs spayed and neutered. We have an affordable clinic here and would have been glad to work with them and this never should have happened," said Syms.

The Coastal Animal Rescue is looking for a foster family for the dogs and their mother. The puppies have already had their first shots. If you are interested in fostering or adopting from the shelter, you can call 843-652-0196.