Pit bull owner charged in attack of DHEC worker

Mitchell Driggers turned himself in Tuesday morning, on a charge involving the attack by two pit bulls on an employee with the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

He's charged with Animal Penalties for Owning Dangerous Animals and Attacking and Injuring a Human, according to Cpt. Cliff Arnette at the Dillon County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies say Driggers' two pit bulls brutally attacked Eric Rogers, 28, on February 3 outside Driggers' home on Wilderness Place.

Rogers was able to call 911 and tell dispatchers he was being attacked by the animals. Rogers was at the home to investigate a dog biting incident at the home.

Officers say when they got to the scene, the dogs were still attacking Rogers. They shot and killed the dogs.

Rogers remains in serious condition at the hospital.

Driggers talked to WPDE NewsChannel 15's Tonya Brown right before he turned himself in. He told her only one of the pit bulls belonged to him. He says the other dog was just always around his property. He says it wasn't his animal that attacked Rogers.

He adds that he feels bad for what happened to Rogers.

A bond hearing was held for Driggers Tuesday morning.

He is being held at the Dillon County Detention Center.