Pictures of shoplifting suspect released

Conway police are looking for the two men in the pictures accompanying this story in connection to a shoplifting at Belk department store on October 24.

Police were called to the Church Street store after someone noticed the men suspiciously walking around the cosmetics counter.

The men were described as around 5'10" to 6' tall. One had blue button down shirt, dark pants ,and long dreads pulled back into a ponytail.

The other man was wearing an orange shirt and dark pants.

The men reportedly asked about prices of the cologne sets and when an employee turned to check the price, police said they grabbed the sets and ran out the door.

The employee and a witness ran after the men and told police they saw the men get into a white four-door vehicle driven by another person.

A store clerk told police about fifteen minutes before the theft, the driver had also been in the store asking about merchandise. He is described as having a medium build, about 5'10", wearing a dark shirt khaki pants and an Atlanta Falcon baseball cap. He also had gold teeth and tattoos on both arms.

Officers believe the men also shoplifted at the Belk in Florence.

Upon reviewing the video from both locations, officers determined the men left both locations in a white 2001 KIA Forte with a Georgia tag of BQD 0671.